FEATURED TALENT: 405th Southern Regiment – HALO Costumes and Props

WasabiCon welcomes the 405th Southern Regiment – Halo Costumes and Props community. Their mission? To support their code of Unity, Armour and Honor, by promoting an environment of creative collaboration, of Halo Costuming and Props, via their regiment and by extending their southern hospitality and craft throughout the community.

Their mission statement:

Honor. Armor. Unity.

1. Make quality armor, props, and help around the community both local and online. (Quality props attract the eyes of Bungie, Halo celebrities, and new members and work towards more fully suited members)

2. Consult with the 405th Source about donating time to do professional video tutorials, create artwork, write articles, and help maintain a professional, friendly and positive face for the 405th (VERY IMPORTANT! Provides reputation, new members, attracts important eyes like Bungie and Halo celebrities which is important if we want their approval to be an official group)

3. Attend conventions, public events and charities promoting the 405th name (Provides us with good reputation and more members)

4. And most important HAVE FUN.

The group will be on hand all weekend at WasabiCon hosting panels and meeting attendees. Be sure to check them out online at www.facebook.com/405thSouthern/