FEATURED TALENT: Umbrella Corporation Jacksonville (Home of the 219th Brain Surgeons)

219th Brain SurgeonsWho are the Umbrella Corps?

“We are a costuming group based on the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil series of games and movies. We operate primarily in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine, Florida. Our beginning was small and humble – with a few members gearing up for zombie events, midnight game releases, conventions and of course, Halloween night. We decided to take it to the next level and turn what we had into a truly organized group effort. Thus, the 219th was born.

Our goals are to have fun, share camaraderie, encourage creativity and help out charitable causes along the way.”

Nothing says “Halloween” like fighting of zombies… RIGHT?  We’re thrilled to have the 219th as a part of WasabiCon 2015!

You can check them out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/umbrellajacksonville