Minus One, Plus One! (Fan Groups at WasabiCon)

Hey Jacksonville!

We’re working on getting some details hammered out before the Green Mustard Entertainment team has to disappear for Dragon Con next weekend.  (To see what summer has been like for us, read this.)  That said, we’re putting out tidbits of info as we go with the BIG info coming out after Labor Day.

For now, know that Cowford Steampunk has had to cancel appearing at WasabiCon this year.  This will be our first year without them, and we wish them the best.

Good news, though – Paranormal Crossroads has CONFIRMED that they are returning!

ParanormalCrossroadsParanormal Crossroads Investigations is a very unique team of the most diversified kind. Our team is comprised of many vocations including healthcare professionals, law enforcement officers, moms, dads, business owners, students as well as high school and college professors!

From their website:

“Spiritually, we are equally as eclectic!  Our beliefs include Christianity, Judaism, Wicca, Buddhism & Native American.

We are also multi-lingual, with team members who speak English, Spanish, Hebrew and Farsi!

So many have asked us what could bring such a group of us together; The answer is simple. We have a shared passion to grow and assist our communities and to educate and further the study of the paranormal sciences in a way that is based in honesty and integrity.”

You can read more at paranormalcrossroadsinvestigations.org