FEATURED TALENT: Console Alliance

Console Alliance was created out of passion for film and video games with Isaak & Jeff attending local conventions and interviewing many people famous and not about there opinions on the video game world and more. While filming convention videos Isaak & Jeff filmed short comedic skits that eventually were the most liked segments of the videos. Coincidentally, before starting Console Alliance Isaak and Jeff always talked about making comedy sketches about funny video game moments and observations. Console Alliance went from convention videos to original shows and videos to what you see now.
Console Alliance will continue to bring you fun and enjoyable films for a long time to come.

The Name
Jeff and Isaak wanted to create a name that signifies there belief and dream in gaming. They believe that all gamers should stand together and play as one and not be separated by specific things like systems, games or opinions.
“Console Alliance” took about a three days to come up with. One day during a three hour brainstorming session Isaak and Jeff compiled a list of gaming “words” i.e. game, over, gamers ect. They wanted a two word name that could roll of the tongue while still remaining catchy and rememberable. After compiling a list of words Isaak and Jeff read random combinations until Isaak said “Console Alliance” Jeff said to stop and that he liked the sound of that one, Isaak Agreed and Console Alliance was born.

Console Alliance’s main and original goals still stand strong today, To show gamers and the gaming industry that we should stand together as one and to create fun and enjoyable films for all to watch. Console Alliance always wants to educate people who are not gamers through the magic of film that Video Games are not what popular media perceives them to be. Through film, comedy and more, Console Alliance can show uneducated persons that the Video game industry and culture is one that is good, wholesome, safe, and fun.

Console Alliance will be hosting the following panels at WasabiCon…

Console Alliance: THE PANEL (Note: Mature Audiences – Language) in PANELS A, Saturday, November 2nd, at 8:00 PM
Watch console alliance skits, shows, and more and the WasabiCon exclusive premiere of a new console alliance video. Stay with console alliance and get to know the casting and crew personally with a Q&A.

Console Alliance: Up Close and Personal in PANELS B, Saturday, November 2nd, at 11:00 PM
Want to get to know the Console Alliance members and learn about their field? Discuss their creative process with their members in a Q&A environment.

Console Alliance Q&A in PANELS A, Sunday, November 2nd, at 4:00 PM
Join console alliance for a behind the scenes look at some of our films and skits with an in-depth Q&A

Console Alliance