The PANELS of Paranormal Crossroads Investigations!

As previously announced, Paranormal Crossroads Investigations is RETURNING for their second year to WasabiCon.  If you missed some of their amazing panels last year, this is your chance to check ’em out!  Here’s what we have scheduled:

Learn The Basics Of Paranormal Investigating (Saturday at 4 PM in MAIN EVENTS)
Learn the basics of Paranormal Investigating with the team from Paranormal Crossroads Investigations. Exploring the truth one case at a time, PCI is a group of professional & reputable investigators helping people find answers while searching for scientific truth.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Paranormal Investigating (Saturday at 7 PM in PANELS A)
Learn the DO’S and DON’TS of paranormal investigations with the team from Paranormal Crossroads Investigations. Have you hid under the sheets at night after hearing a noise? Used a Ouija Board? PCI will instruct you on how to handle various situations including what to avoid and what to embrace.

Technology And The Paranormal Sciences (Sunday at 3 PM in WORKSHOPS)
With the death of Alexander Graham Bell so went the intrigue of the paranormal in mainstream science. Paranormal Crossroads Investigations is one of many groups around the world who has taken up Bell’s interest of using technology to make contact with the Other Side . PCI will display and explain the devices and techniques used to communicate with any entities which may be present when investigating.