FEATURED TALENT: Noise Complaint

Noise Complaint is Florida’s premiere professional tap ensemble, and a bunch of Geeks to boot. We perform rhythm-style tap dance choreography with music and costuming that specifically applies to a variety of geek fandoms. We recently did flash-mob style performances at DragonCon 2013 in Atlanta, performing choreography and music inspired by our favorite video games, fandom movies and anime characters including FFVII, Harry Potter, D&D and Marvel/DC. We perform many types of shows from one-song one-offs to full length productions. Tap dance has been thought of as a dying art, but we seek to bring it into our own mainstream, that is the mainstream of gamers, geeks and alternative culture. Tap Dancers are dancers as well as musicians, and through the rhythms we create with our feet and our bodies along with some of the best music, new and old, we put together stellar performances that will have you both glued to the edge of your seat and dying to get up and dance. We want to bring tap dance back out from the shadows and into pop culture, but most of all, we simply seek to make noise.

Noise Complaint will perform in Main Events on Sunday at WasabiCon 2013 at 1:30 PM.

They will also host a panel (called “Noise Complaint – The Panel”) on Saturday, November 2, at 5:00 PM in Panels A.

You can learn more about this amazing group online: http://www.noisecomplaintlive.com/

Noise Complaint