FEATURED TALENT! Cosplay Model Jenifer Ann

WasabiCon is proud to welcome Cosplay model Jenifer Ann (www.facebook.com/OfficialJeniferAnn) to our 2013 convention!

Jenifer Ann has been modeling professionally for more than a decade and Cosplaying since 2008.

She is a big fan of Anime, Star Wars, and Magical beings.

Jenifer Ann has made many of the Cosplay ensembles you see here; the rest are the genius of her friend Candy or Brema, of Three Muses Clothing.

She works for them from time to time when they need a model for their new designs.
Jenifer Ann loves making her own Cosplays, it makes her feel so great to take them to a convention to show off her hard work!

She learned most of her sewing from her Grammy, may she rest in peace ♥

Jenifer Ann