WasabiCon 2013 Vendor Room Updates

We are less than two months from WasabiCon and things are going great for YEAR TWO!  We’ve had to make a couple of updates, though, regarding our vendors room in order to try and accommodate everyone.

BOOTH SPACE:  There were a limited number of 8×10 spaces in the vendors room, and they have sold out.  All remaining spaces are 8×8 – and they ARE LIMITED!  You can download the form here if you want to secure one: http://www.wasabicon.com/vendors

DEPOSITS:  Contrary to what the original form had stated, WasabiCon 2013 will NOT be taking $50 deposits for booth space this time around.  This was a policy Green Mustard Entertainment was testing, and it won’t be launched again until 2014.  For now – Vendors are only paying for the spaces they are purchasing without an additional $50 deposit.  (The form has since been updated to reflect this.)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Vendors@WasabiCon.com or call the office at (407) 536-9272.