FAN PANEL Registration is open for WasabiCon 2013!

WasabiCon is a fan convention designed to celebrate anime, comic books, table top gaming, science fiction, video games, and all things “geek.”  Thus, we are on the lookout for a variety of panels that will help engage attendees in a variety of topics.  We do, though, have a few rules for panels at the convention…

1. ONLY ONE PANEL PER PRESON/GROUP. We want to present a variety of perspectives regarding geek culture and – while we appreciate you hosting a panel – we want to make sure you have the time to enjoy the rest of the convention!

2. ALL PANEL HOSTS MUST BE PAID ATTENDEES OF THE CONVENTION. We don’t offer comp passes for single panel presentations. And we don’t allow more than one panel per person/group. (You can see where we’re going with this.)

3, PANEL CONTENT MUST BE APPROPRIATE TO THE THEME OF THE CONVENTION – GEEK CULTURE. A panel about physics wouldn’t really work. A panel about the physics in the Star Trek universe would absolutely work. A panel about the physics in the Stargate universe would make Joey Snackpants a happy camper.

4. ALL PANELS MUST NOT EXCEED A PG-13 RATING. WasabiCon is a convention designed to feature content for all ages. While me may offer some 18+ events, they are tightly regulated and offered late in the evening.

5. SCHEDULING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON THE NEEDS OF WASABICON. We will do our best to work with you on scheduling the panel in a time slot that works best for everyone involved. If, for unforeseen reasons, we need to change when your panel is scheduled, we will let you know in advance.

Visit here to sign up to do your panel: