GUEST ADDED! Paranormal Investigators Paranormal Crossroads

PARANORMAL GUEST OF HONOR: Paranormal Crossroads Investigations is a group of professional & reputable paranormal investigators with the goal of helping people find the answers while searching for the scientific truth along the way.  Their primary focus is helping the residential community FREE of charge.

They are proud to proclaim that they can offer the services of four (4) paranormal teams across the state of Florida.  One being fully bilingual & fluent in Spanish. They can also extend their help to those clients that speak predominantly Portuguese or Hebrew.  Furthermore, they can also offer the services of our teams, both in Kentucky and Peru.

They are fully prepared to aid in any paranormal situations or concerns that their potential clients may find themselves in.  They also offer “paranormal investigation classes” as well as open events, where members of the public can perform their “own” investigation under the guidance of one of the PCI experienced team members.

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