FEATURED TALENT: Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville

The Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville work around the clock to protect your hometown from the Negaverse!  Whether spreading joy at a Florida convention, a birthday party, or the release of the Sailor Moon R movie, your local pretty guardians are committed to banishing boredom!

They started out as a pair—Sailor Moon and the original Sailor Venus (who then found Sailor Mercury!) Soon enough, one by one, they blossomed into a full cast representing the inner and outer Scouts. Their members reach down to St. Augustine with members reaching as far north as Virginia! Their skills range from sewing to masterful prop and armor creation!

Above all, though, the Sailor Scouts are about one thing: TEAMWORK.

They would not be here today were it not for the dedication of each woman and the special something she brings to the group!  You can learn more about them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sailorscoutsjax

SAILOR SAYS: Watch for an announcement regarding SSJ events at WasabiCon – including a special 21+ event on Saturday night at the con.  #StayTuned





Banner/Featured Image: NJarvis Photograpy

Article Photo: James Cacciatore