Sean Schemmel at WasabiCon 2016 (Schedule)

WasabiCon is THIS WEEKEND and we’re thrilled to host the voice of Goku, Sean Schemmel, in his first ever appearance in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sean will appear at two panels over the course of the weekend…

Sean SchemmelSATURDAY, 2:00 PM: Sean Schemmel 101 – EVENTS A
Did you know that Sean’s first U.S. anime convention appearance was in Florida (Orlando) in 2001?  Come learn all about one of the most recognizable voices in anime in a fun and (somewhat) fact filled Q&A!

SUNDAY, 2:00 PM: Goku Speaks! Sean Schemmel Q&A – EVENTS A
This panel is (easily) over 9000!  Join the voice of Goku for the question and answer session about Dragon Ball Z, voice acting, and anything else on Sean’s mind!

He will also be signing autographs when the Vendors Room opens each day (12:00 PM Saturday; 11:00 AM Sunday).  Autographs are $20.  Photos (with your camera) are $10.  PLEASE NOTE: Sean will be away from his table from time to time for panels/breaks, so check his table for the latest updates each day.