SPONSOR: Thank you Video Game Rescue (@VideoGameRescue) for being a sponsor this year!

VGRVideo Game Rescue, a brick-and-mortar game store, was started by husband and wife team, Dustin and Deanna Gartenbush.  The idea behind venue was actually started many years prior.  With just a dream and a very supportive community, Dustin quit his full-time job in late 2012 and decided to make the ultimate gamer venue a reality.

In November 2014 the community came together and crowdfunded the FIRST arcade in Jacksonville, Florida since TILT shut down at the Landing and in Regency Square Mall.  In the #VGRcade, you can play your favorite console games and throw back a few quarters in our classic arcade.

They believe that just because a game is old, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth playing!  From old school to new-gen, they cater to every brand of gamer.  Noob, intermediate and l33t players are always welcome to visit their store, and participate in their events.  Support your local game store, and help “Bring an Old Friend Back to Life!

SMASH TOURNAMENT: Video Game Rescue will be hosting a competition for Jacksonville’s ULTIMATE (SMASH BROS.) FIGHTING CHAMPION in their store starting in September with the FINAL BATTLE from previous in store winners taking place at WasabiCon!

Details coming soon… for now: THANK YOU Video Game Rescue for being a part of WasabiCon 2015!