Super Smash Bros. Tournament at Video Game Rescue (Jacksonville, FL) with finals at WasabiCon 2015!

VGRThe fine folks at Video Game Rescue (located at 2415 Blanding Blvd #7, Jacksonville, FL 32210) will be hosting a weekly Super Smash Bros. Wii U Tournament in their store starting September 10th.  The winner of each tournament will win a free weekend pass to WasabiCon 2015 – and an invite to play against all the other winners in the tournament for the Sunshine State’s SUPER SMASH MASTER.


SIGN UP – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
TOURNAMENT – 6:00 PM until complete

The final tournament will be hosted at WasabiCon!  Sunday: 2:00 PM: The Jax Smash Ultimate SMASH BROS. TOURNAMENT! [EVENTS A]


Rules are based on the Paragon Los Angeles Rule Set.

General Rules

  • 2 stock, 6 Minutes, Items set to off.
  • Custom Fighters is set to OFF.
  • Mii Fighters are legal. Each setup will have 1­1­1­1 Mii Brawlers/Swordsmen/Gunners available for use (Using Default A-F standard size Miis provided on console). No other specials for Mii Fighters will be allowed. Players are not allowed to transfer existing Miis to a setup.
  • Amiibos are not allowed.
  • Best of 3 sets, top 8 will be best of 5.
  • If a match ends with a player using Bowsercide or Ganon’s Flame Choke the win will go to the initiator of the move.
  • You cannot counter pick to any stage you have already won on.
  • No excessive stalling.
  • Gentleman’s Clause: Any stage may be played on if both players agree to it.
  • Allowed controllers: Gamecube Controller, Wii U Pro Controller, Wiimote, 3DS (Wii U Gamepad is not allowed).

Starters/Neutral Stages

  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Smashville
  • Dreamland 64
  • Town & City

Counterpick Stages

  • Lylat Cruise
  • Duck Hunt
  • Omega Stages (if Final Destination is banned, Omega stages are as well)

First stage is decided by banning from the stage list in P1-P2-P2-P1 order.
Following stages decided by the winner banning 1 stage and then loser choosing.

All judgements of the Video Game Rescue Referees are FINAL.


The winner will be dubbed the Sunshine State’s SUPER SMASH MASTER and will take home a trophy plus a $100 gift certificate to Video Game Rescue.

Questions?  Contact Video Game Rescue at (904) 361-3626 or email us at